Beach Islands of Pattaya

The islands of Pattaya offer an unspoiled escape from the rush of the city. The islands are a mix of big and small ones. Every island is full of mesmerizing beaches and crystal clear water. Activities such as snorkelling, diving and fishing are very popular among tourists looking for unwinding on the beach.                                                         

How to reach there?

Speedboats and ferries are available for tourists for exploring the islands. A 10 minutes walk from the Walking street allows the tourists to reach Bali Hai Pier from where the ferry rides are available. It takes roughly 20-25 minutes by a speedboat to reach Ko Larn Island from Pattaya beach. Ferries depart at regular time intervals and are available at a very reasonable rate. The ferry rates are mentioned on signboards. It takes approximately 30 Bahts for a one way ferry ride to Koh Larn.  Speedboats are pretty expensive and are charged between 1500 bahts to 2500 bahts depending upon the size of the boat.

Source: Google Maps

The 9 islands are Koh Larn, Koh Krok, Koh Sak, Koh Phai ,Koh Si chang, Ko Rin, Ko Khram, Monkey Island and Koh Samet.
Koh Larn is a coral island. It is blessed with lovely beaches and untainted marvels. It is the largest island and the only one with residents. Despite the fact that very little coral left to be seen, the island is an incredible place for snorkeling. A lot of travelers spend time basking under the sun. The beach is full of restaurants, beachside stalls and vendors for hair braiding and tattooing. Some of the popular beaches in the island are Ta Waen Beach, Thong Lang Beach, Sangwan Beach, Thien Beach and Samae Beach.

Koh Sak is a smaller island popular for sunbathing and swimming.
Koh Krok, Koh Phai and the other islands are comparatively smaller in size. While Koh Krok is just a 100metre long island, Koh Phai is a part of a chain of islands. These are the less popular islands with no resident individuals. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight and the only way to reach a lot of these lesser popular islands is through a speedboat; as ferry rides to these islands are not present.

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