Desert Safari : Sam Sand Dunes

Rajasthan is loved for its dynamic ethnicity, sublime castles and palaces, the amazing food and the great Thar Desert. Each city and town of Rajasthan spills verve and a raw appeal.
Sam Sand Dunes is a must visit for travellers in Rajasthan. The purpose of going to Jaisalmer becomes futile unless accompanied by a desert safari in Sam Sand Dunes. 

The real fascination for travellers is the local experience of the camel safari, a standout amongst the most breathtaking experiences in Rajasthan. The best time for a camel safari is just before the sunset. Local camel owners help the tourists have a memorable experience. The best time for desert Safari is the month of October to March as the days are warmer and the nights are colder. Most of the tourists visit Rajasthan during that time. Desert Festival, a 3 day festival is organized in Sam Sand Dunes during the month of February. The festival showcases the culture, traditions and art-forms of Rajasthan. The deserts are not barren. They just do not need to be flattered with rain.

The journey is long with a single hault for lunch, tea and some rest. Preparing food in the middle of the desert and taking some rest in any shelter found is a divine experience. At the same time, the camels also have some food. After lunch, travelers depart to take a view of the sunset in the desert.

The experience of the stunning sunset from the camp is incredible. It is said, “Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn” .As the sun sets and night sky sets in, the party around the bonfire starts. Some camps choose to light a bonfire and party around it. Tourists can avail mud cottages, swiss tents or directly sleep under the sky. Special traditional dance forms of Rajasthan can be seen during the night. Most of the swiss tents carry attached toilets, running water, guides, folk dances, doctors on call. The budget of these camps is generally on the higher side. The relatively cheaper desert safari packages include camel ride to the desert, bonfire and dinner, sleeping under the star-lit sky on mattresses or sleeping bags.
A lot of travellers return back on the same day after a day’s excursion.

 “The deserts are not beautiful. But, the compassion that flows forth from the savior we meet in the desert is.” – Jenny Simmons