Spelunking in the caves of Halong Bay

Spelunking is the art of exploring caves as a means of recreation. As one explores, one has to climb, walk, squeeze and crawl at times to pass through narrow passages. It is advisable for people who are claustrophobic to avoid exploring caves. 
While exploring caves, headlamps may or may not be required. Some caves have enough light inside, while some are dark and dingy. A few caves are so popular tourist locations that artificial lighting is arranged for better view of the caves. The colors through artificial lighting make it even more attractive.

Halong Bay is full of caves and islands. Some of the most popular caves in Halong Bay are Dau Go caves, Thien Cung Caves and Sung Sot Caves. Kayaking is a standout amongst the most alluring activities in Halong Bay. It is the most popular activity in Halong Bay for tourists. Exploring the open sea, unspoiled beaches and kayaking inside limestone karsts is a dream for every tourist. Kayaking is often followed by cave exploration.

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It is also advised to travel in groups as one might get hurt, bitten by bugs or some small animals. While entering dark caves, helmets provide a very good safety net as one might get hurt because of the sharp edged stalactites. Helmets or hard hats provide safety from bumps and falling rocks as well. However, on the touristiest caves, it is not required.

Another major challenge for cave dwellers is Bats. They are the most sensitive during summer as they raise their young ones during that time. During winters, they are mostly in hibernation mode.
A few must haves while exploring caves:
  • ·         Helmets/ Hard Hats
  • ·         First aid kit
  • ·         Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • ·         Water and Food
  • ·         Camera

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." - Joseph Campbell